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Insurance Claim

Puget Sound Water Rescue- We are highly experienced in dealing with both small and large insurance companies and are a leading name when it comes to property restoration claims following water damage perils. 

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We can help you get your claim accepted! When you need to make a claim on your insurance policy, it’s often under stressful circumstances, like when part or all of your home is under water.

We know this is a terribly trying experience, and you don't need the added hassle of a water damage contractor inexperienced in the claim process. Our systemized method of handling insurance repair claims always meets the highest standards of water damage restoration and repair.

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As IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technicians and IICRC Applied Structural Drying Technicians, we offer drying certificates following a certificate of dryness survey. 

Certification of dryness is often required by your insurance company to sign off a drying project.

Whether your house has been flooded, a pipe has burst and caused water damage, or you have had a rain water leak; whatever the cause of your water damage, your insurance will likely request you get an independent certificate of dryness.

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