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Established in 2010 by local Kent family, the McSheridan's.

Being family owned and operated, we can give our customers a unique experience, tailoring our services to best fit the needs of each job and customer.

You'll find our owner's name in all the review sites. An owner that goes to his own job sites to ensure a quality and compassionate experience for his customers, and builds long-lasting trusted relationships. 


Throughout the years we continue to find so much purpose in what we do, for we meet people in the midst of very trying times, and have the impact to make a difficult situation far less stressful for our customers


Our Story

Owner and Founder, Mathew, has had a passion for the Water Remediation field for over a decade. He truly enjoys the science of his field, with he and all his certified technicians continuing to stay on top of all advances in the industry.

Owner Mathew- " I find real value in my work, that I can minimize much loss for others. I see the direct impact when our restoration can save as much property and valuables as possible for families and businesses."

We understand that when impacted by water damage it has sudden, real life consequences on our customers.
This is why we continue to be trusted by families, childcares, senior homes, medical offices and more. The integrity of your structures, and the health and safety of all who reside, are our top priorities.



We respond 7 days a week with urgency to minimize the damage and lasting affects water damage can cause.



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