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What To Expect:

house flood

Puget Sound Water                               Rescue


Call us 7 days a week for:

  • Flood water extraction

  • Broken or frozen pipe burst

  • Toilet overflow

  • Sewage backup

  • Sink overflow

  • Roof leaks

  • Structural drying

  • Sewage backups

  • Dishwasher malfunctions

  • Refrigerator leaks

  • Sump pump failures

  • Storm damage restoration

  • Mold remediation and mold removal


We take care of any and all water damage.

Step One


One of our certified technicians will inspect the affected areas and surrounding.  We will also determine is the affected area is hazardous in any way, whether due to contamination, mold or other causes.

Step Two


Once the inspection is complete, we begin extracting any standing water. Depending on the amount of water damage, we might also remove compromised materials such as flooring, drywalll, ceiling tiles, insulation or more.  We will always first try for drying out, when it can be done safely.

Step Three

Dry Out

Our technicians take moisture readings of impacted areas, throughout the entire drying process. Through psychrometric readings, we ensure we’ve identified all areas impacted by moisture.
The drying equipment used for each space is adapted to the individual circumstance with precision, giving our customers the reassurance of the most efficient and effective drying process.

Step Four


Preventing unnecessary exposure to microorganisms.

Our company uses only industry leading anti microbials that are proven the most effective at fighting organisms, such as mold, mildew and bacteria, while being incredibly safe.  
Our microbials meet EPA standards, and pose no health risk to young children, pets or the elderly. 

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